Change Log for KingSize WordPress v4.0.1

We want to first thank you all for your patience while we corrected these and more importantly, thank you for your help in identifying the issues. We’re very sorry about the mishaps but as we’ve mentioned before, in an update as large as this one, it was bound to happen but we’ll get everyone sorted out and we’re constantly looking to continuously update KingSize more regularly. So now that it’s been said, let’s discuss version 4.0.1!

KingSize WordPress Version 4.0.1

It is our hopes we’ve addressed all the known issues and added a few more options to the Theme Options to make management a little easier. Below I’ll include a list of the items we’ve changed.

Bugs / Issued Fixed:

  1. Gallery Page Templates – All the „Page Templates” for „Galleries” unfortunately were calling the incorrect scripts and this was a huge mistake on our part. The issue however has been fixed.
  2. Grid Overlay – This option did not seem to apply in version 4, we have since corrected this.
  3. Gallery Widget – Was not correctly calling the images from the new Gallery post-type.
  4. Styling Options – Various styling options within the Theme Options were not being applied. We have corrected the issues and now all the style options should correctly work. At the same time we’ve also included new options to further your styling preferences.
  5. Slider Intervals – The setting was not being defined. This has been corrected.
  6. Slider Transition (Seconds) – This setting was not being defined. This has been corrected.
  7. Slider Descriptions / Titles & Controllers – If you disabled one or the other, it disabled both on the homepage slider. We have made this conditional now to disable one or the other, or both.
  8. Vimeo Background Slider – This issue has been addressed and resolved. Works great now!

Additional Options / New Options:

  • Added the option to disable the „Social Share” in PrettyPhoto lightbox.
  • Added Thumbnail preview for the Slider Items.
  • Added Thumbnail preview for the Portfolio items.
  • Organized the Shortcodes (via TinyMCE Shortcode Button) in alphabetical order.
  • Added Gallery Shortcode to the TinyMCE Shortcode Button
  • Added Styling Options to control the Homepage font colors on text/titles/links.
  • Created a new Video Tutorial for How to Use Google Web Fonts

List of the modified files:

The files modified for these fixes include (in order of structure):

  • /kingsize/header.php
  • /kingsize/style.css
  • /kingsize/admin/functions/functions.options.php
  • /kingsize/admin/functions/functions.php
  • /kingsize/js/custom.js
  • /kingsize/lib/portfolio/portfolio-posttype.php
  • /kingsize/lib/slider/slider-posttype.php
  • /kingsize/lib/tinymce/tinymce.js
  • /kingsize/lib/tinymce/tinymce_fnc_options.php
  • /kingsize/lib/background_video.php
  • /kingsize/lib/footer_gallery.php
  • /kingsize/lib/gallery_template_style_js.php
  • /kingsize/lib/slider.php


When new features are added, it’s always best to DE-ACTIVATE and RE-ACTIVATE your template after updating. So once you’ve downloaded the template and uploaded to your server to overwrite the previous version, go to „Appearance > Themes” and DE-ACTIVATE and RE-ACTIVATE. Then go to your „Appearance > KingSize Options” and „SAVE ALL CHANGES” so things can be applied.

For further information on updating, checkout: How Do I Update? Important for Version 4!

Thanks again for your time, as well patience. If any other bugs are discovered we’ll issue fixes to them as soon as possible. If nothing important or major is found, then we’ll begin working towards our next release which will be version 4.1 which we hope to be available within the next 2-3 weeks (a few more new features and options we’ll be making available).

Of course, for any issues found, please use the Support Forums.